Do fetish workshops have anything to do with companion training?

Absolutely not.  Paris Institute Global offers both types of workshops and training for a couple of reasons.

  1. Paris Institute Global started out with the intention to promote all sorts of training regarding  human sexuality.   As we developed we realized we needed to focus on what will interest the general public most and what is trending in the world today.  As a result, we are passionate about these two topics and feel we can serve participants with quality training in these two areas.
  2. Hosting events are very costly, to keep registration fees down, we combined both topics in one training weekend.
I do not consider myself a goddess, what are the odds, I can succeed in the companion industry?

Firstly, no one is perfect. We encourage everyone regardless of size, colors, orientation etc to get involved with this industry, there is opportunity for anyone who is teachable. Our P.E.T. events include seminars in self improvement:dressing for success, perfecting your image and self make overs. There are basic tricks that we can do to improve ourselves in order to be presentable and professional.

Secondly, the majority of clients are looking for personality over looks of which the training focuses on people skills.

Is there a Minimum age requirement to register for your classes?

The Minimum age to enroll in training events is 18.  For P.E.T. and certain workshops, We will accept under aged students provided they are enrolled in a cegep, junior college or university and must provide proof of studies.

What is the difference between Professional Companions and Sex Worker?

Professional Companion have been around for decades.  Our institute is dedicated to training individuals to promote companion serves that are non-sexual in nature as it was supposed to be when Companion was first invented.  Studies show the need for companionship is needed more today then ever.  Busy professionals are seeking non-committal, non-sexual companions for all sorts of activities or social events. Sex workers primarily provide sex for a fee.

Can Sex workers participate in your training events?

Absolutely, Paris Institute Global accepts individuals form all walks of life.  Our training coaches do not endorse or promote sexual activity of any sort as a Professional Companion Extra.  We encourage our participants to act in a responsible manner at all cause.  Sex workers may gain in many areas of the training and as a result, be more enlightened to brand themselves differently.

Can I sign up for other workshops at the event?

Yes, providing there is still available space.  Check the information and registration area during the event, where individuals can get additional workshop information or register for additional workshops.

Once I complete the PET at P.I.G., how will I be able to market myself as a Professional Companion?

Firstly, the training will include 2 hours of marketing: branding, profile writing and how to market yourself and where.  We will also offer other marketing alternatives through affiliates and give you self-promoting ideas during weekend events.  Once you have all the information, then you can decide how and where you wish to promote your services.

What happens if I require help once the weekend event is over?

All participants that register for the Professional Companion Training will be entitled to an additional complimentary hour of on line training.  This on line session can be used in 30-minute or 60-minute blocks depending on your needs.   Participants need to contact us either by phone or email with specific details and we will arrange a time and date with a specialized coach to assist you to optimal success.