Get ready for a global career and transform your desires into needs. Paris Institute Global is an exclusive, reliable resource for the Global Companion Industry, for individuals who dream of a better lifestyle, to work independently and have the drive to succeed.



Professional Companion Training

Professional companion training is for individuals who want to develop a business or improve profitability in the professional companion industry. Our team will give you the tools through seminars, workshops and conferences during the two day event right in your city.


Paris Institute Global

Paris Institute global provides the tools and skills required for becoming a (non-sexual) professional companion. The training is intensive, consisting of practical skills, vital information and tools linked in a logical flow, for quick business set up.

Our Trainers and Coaches possess substantial knowledge and expertise about the specific and most important qualifications for professional companion. Our events and online training foster self-confidence and Empower participants to reach a level of excellence to launch an independent Global Companion Business. The team affectionately refers to Paris Institute Global as P.I.G.

Paris Institute Global also offers continuing education for professional companions who wish to perfect specific skills on various topics. We guide and accompany participants during weekend events and offer online follow-up sessions.

We transform participants in to Triple ESC professionals: Elegant, Eloquent, Empowered, Self-Confident, Supported, Seductive, Classy, Captivating and Cultivated. We truly believe our training produces eloquent, cultivated and seductive professional companions to achieve a career around the world. As an ESC professional you will be highly qualified to satisfy the needs of the most elite clients.

companion training with Paris institute global
Why is professional companion training needed today?

Nowadays, singles outnumber married people in many countries around the world; many of those are tireless, successful professionals with a high income and a luxurious lifestyle who deprive themselves of companionship for business and social occasions.

Communication technologies are affecting society with strong signs of human isolation. The danger of loneliness are causing different problems such as psychological, increasing the need of inclusion in group life and close human relationships. Therefore more and more single individuals need companionship for business and social entertainment, and those who provide professional companion services are not only filling a huge void but making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Paris Institute Global transform companion desires into professional companion needs, that’s why we are leaders in the industry.

We offer a large variety of topics:

  • Office management, social techniques.
  • Self-assessment to Self-defence.
  • Global promotion, corporate image, branding and networking in the professional companion industry.
  • Access to online training with highly qualified trainers and coaches.
  • Attendance to seminars in different locations.
  • One to One coaching and personal development for building careers.
  • Successful trades for international business events.

Our unique training programs transform participants into Triple ESC professionals:

Elegant, Elegance is projected from inside out and shines over flashy competitors.

Eloquent, Eloquence distinguishes a professional from an amateur companion.

Empowered, Empowerment inspires leadership, knowledge and excellence.

Self-Confident, Competitive participants acquire more clients.

Supported, On Going Coaching and guidance following training programs.

Seductive, Seduction close deals around the world.

Classy, Class will always define business.

Captivating, Elite clients always prefer Charming and Interesting companion.

Cultivated, Culture and Education enchants clients into the companion business industry.

E E EElegant, Eloquent, Empowered.

S S SSelf Confident, Supported, Seductive.

CCCClassy, Captivating, Cultivated.



Do you fear sharing your fantasies within social circles?

Whether you do or don’t. Paris Institute Global offers workshops for individuals or couples looking to explore new areas of human sexuality.

online companion trainingA fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing or part of the body etc. There are many fetishes as phobias. so if you have ever desired a fetish. then you are not alone, nor crazy.There are many millions of people like you around the world. who actually have experienced a fantasy practicing a specific fetish.

Our Fetish workshops are a safe way to share your private fantasies in a shameless and non-judgmental environment. But moreover a very efficient way to define them, know them, and perform them in the most pleasurable possible way. We support diversity and encourage our participants to get a healthy satisfaction of their desires and fantasies.

We offer a variety of Fetish workshops from an introduction to specific Fetish topics. we encourage you to explore our selection under each category of our website. we suggest you check it from time to time because we are always adding new workshops to our decadent Fetish buffet.